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Would it be possible to make a Linux build?


we haven't planned yet, but please keep an eye on our twitter account for updates ;)


So I recently learned about a few days ago and have been playing a lot of indie games from the website, and I'm really glad I found this literally the day it came out. I love the story, atmosphere, and everything about it. It's great.


Thanks for joining the community!

Happy to ear that!Now you have tons of masterpieces to play :)


Wow. Cool overall concept, story, music, design and atmosphere ! I wish there will be more Yokais and stories, but that would be greedy...
I loved it ! Thanks for letting it be experienced for free !!And for making it ..


Really fantastic storytelling yet again. It was a little difficult to understand the progression at times, and I'm still not sure if it was a matter of exhausting the dialogue or making the right choices, but since the game is all about the journey itself, it worked quite well. Great work!


Ugh I can't wait to try this. Thank you!!!! 


Really interesting story... and I liked the conclusion... it was.. sweet and fitting. :)

Damn you Cryptic! So fast!


:) It wasn't that fast. 

Ooooh, SpaceBackyard at it again! Excited to try this!


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