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Now an official speedrunning game on SRC!

I enjoyed playing everyone of your games.

You are very talented! Thanks for sharing your art <3

A fun little game. Looks good. Maybe a little too short.

had a blast with this!

too short :-(

but great game

Game was lit as fuck! Awesome job!!

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We're glad you joined the cause ;)


Very nice short, I played it as part of my Melon Jam highlighting!

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This was way too much fun, fun to play, fun to edit. Great game short and sweet!

Nice ;)


The Story of the Revolutionary Watermelon is a game with two things: A.) A crazy long title for a game and B.) Is an interesting short indie game that is pretty interesting.

The story is simply that you play as a self-aware watermelon that is trying to run for freedom.

The only mechanic that you can use in the game is a jump feature and you have to use physics and the environment to trek through the level.

The atmosphere and sounds of the game are so well done, making for a pretty ominous soundtrack. The art direction and style look very nice and remind me a lot of games like "Inside."

Some negatives are that the jump feature doesn't always work, forcing you to spam the button, which then results in death since you can only sustain a certain amount of damage. The game is also surprisingly short and you can breeze through it in less than 3 minutes if everything goes right (side note: this was made for a gamejam, so we can forgive the length of the game for that reason).

Overall though, The Revolutionary Watermelon was an enjoyable game that I think can be fleshed out even further and made into a full-scale experience! I made a Let's Play of the game so I hope you can check it out and thank you to the developer on making a fun game!

Nice video!
Thanks for your let's play ;)


A short but entertaining concept. The controls are a bit weird, sometimes the jumping doesn't occur when you press the spacebar, as if there's an internal cooldown to it. It would be nice if the jump's cooldown would display so we can have some feedback on when we are able to use it or not. I really wish there were more ways to accomplish freedom; i'd definitely play more levels if you guys ever consider making a longer version of this! I can already see the potential of this game. The entertainment value is high and more levels, a diversity of environments and maybe ever some unlockable abilities (time reverse, anyone?:D) would make its replayability greater. I can't wait to see more from you, guys! Keep up the good work! If anyone is interested, here's my gameplay:


Thanks for your video!
Great hint the "time reverse" ;)


what a great short game. I like the atmosphere. Please more ! I made a german lets play. Take a look and then i recommend to play it yourself. its fun

Thanks ;)


Why did the watermelon cross the road?

Because it wanted to live free as a bird... Not a conventional punchline, I'll give you that.


Thanks for you video ;)


Hello, we have made a test of this game.

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That's great, thanks for your video!
Unfortunately we don't understand anything in French....But who cares: it sounds good, that's enough!
;) ๐Ÿ‰

Thank you :)


Hi there, I just wanted to thank you for making this game.

I had a lot, and I mean a lot, of fun playing this game. I really love unique and quirky games, so this was right up my alley.

I look forward to playing more of your games ^^


We saw your video on YouTube,
It's really cute and makes us laughing a lot :)

You get the quirky spirit of the game,
and we're really glad that you enjoy it so much!

Thanks again ๐Ÿ‰


Note to the viewer: I was probably overly critical of a game made in a few hours. The game is unique for what it is, but there could be a LOT more added to the game for a better story.

Don't take my let's play to heart, SpaceBackyard. You did a lot more than I could ever do making a game like this and to that, I give this game a thumbs up.

Keep creating, man. :)

Thanks for you video ;)


Its definitely a unique game. it looks really nice and its a very interesting story. it is a little short however, and the controls can get a little wonky.

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We can't stop laughing :)

Thanks for your nice review